About Us

Are you confident in your products ability to fight corrosion? Do you know how long your products will last? Let WeiCe help you figure it out!

WeiCe, the name is combined by “Wei” & “Ce” which means “great test” in Chinese Pinyin, is specializing in the manufacturing of Salt Spray(fog) Chambers, Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers, UV Accelerated Weathering Testers, Temperature and Humidity Chambers, We simulate accelerated corrosive environments that help to verify a products’ resistance to corrosion over time.

WeiCe Testing Instrument Co. Ltd. began as Wangda Instrument Company. In March 1998, Wangda Instrument Company developed its first salt spray chamber in Taoyuan County, Taiwan. From there, the company grew to export products to Europe, South East Asia, South America, North America, and Australia. Its first production plant was established in Shenzhen in 2005. In 2009, Wangda Instrument Company was purchased by WeiCe Technology Co Ltd and was renamed WeiCe Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.

All testing chambers produced by WeiCe meet ASTM, ISO, JIS, ANSI, UL, TAPPI, AATCC, IEC, VDE, CSA, and CEN standards, and are offered with prompt, efficient delivery and support.

WeiCe was certificated by ISO9001, and all it’s products are CE certificated.

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Our goal is to provide our customers with sophisticated, technologically advanced testing solutions to determine how long their products will last. With the quality products offered by WeiCe, our customers will be able to offer quality products, giving them a competitive edge, and a faster time to market.

WeiCe stands behind every product it makes.

WeiCe provides high-quality testing instruments at competitive prices.



Yong Zhang

Yong Zhang have been involved in testing equipment industry more than 15 years, he previously was the Chinese mainland sales manager at Wangda Intrument Company, and purchased this company in 2009 and led it to the new age.

Technical Director

Sheng Luo

Mr Luo joined Weice in 2009, he was graduated from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and hold the Technical Director position at SANS for 10 years before joining Weice. He is one of the most sophisticated experts in this industry.

Financial Manager


Haixia was graduated from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, she joined Weice in 2007.

Operation Manager

Jinkui Chen

Jinkui joined Weice at 2010, benefited from the 5+ years career at Foxconn, he is good at planning and manufacturing management. He makes us keeping our words to deliver good quality products on time.

Sales Manager

Davey Shaw

Davey joined Weice in 2009, he keeps good relationship with customers and assists them for any problem.

Administrative Manager

Qing Zhang

Qing have been worked with Yong Zhang since 2002, she is a generalist and getting high praised at her position.

Security Guard


3 years old Corgi, energetic and dedicated, but gluttonous.

Manufacturing Equipment

CNC carving machine serves in our factory to cut the PVC and Acrylic boards, this programmable machine is able to cut big board into small pieces at any shape, and with excellent smooth edges.