weice cyclic corrosion test chambers
weice cyclic corrosion test chambers
These chambers perform cyclic corrosion tests, four environments are available: Salt Spray, Dry-off, Wetting and Dwell.

Any combination of different environments may be programmed to occur sequentially in any order, to form a corrosion cycle which will then be performed automatically or repeated a preset number of times. Each environment can also be selected individually.


Product Information

High quality LCD temperature and humidity controller
TEMI880 touch screen controller supplied from South Korea.

Testing programmable
Easy to use software enable you programme testing randomly. Total 120 sets and 1200 steps.

World class components
Key components are supplied by Omron, SMC, SNS, AWIMACH and more. Excellent components extend 5+ years more life span.

Innovational nozzle and diffuse device
Patent atomizing nozzle and coniform diffuse devices help to make fog more symmetrical.

Double protection
Double over-heating protection systems protect security of both machine and operator.

Defog after testing

RS232 as option

Testing Volume270L - 1440L
Atomizing Nozzle Quantity1 - 2pcs
Solution Reservoir Volume40L
Unattended Operating Days3days
Cover LifterAvailable
Programmed TestingAvailable
Bubble Tower Volume4L
Body MaterialStainless Steel and PVC
Salt SprayTest Chamber TempUp to 60 C
Bubble Tower TempUp to 70 C
Dry-offTest Chamber TempUp to 60 C
Test Chamber HumiNot Control
WettingTest Chamber TempAmbient to 60 C
Test Chamber Humi95%-100% RH Fixed
DwellNo action is taken
Salt Fog Collection Rate0.5 - 3 ml/80 cm2/H
Spray Pressure0.8 - 2 kgf/cm2
Power SourceDependent on countries
ProtectionDouble over-heated protection
ISO 9227
ISO 11997
JIS Z 2371
DIN 50021
EN 1670
SAE J 2334
IEC 60068-2-52 Part 2
ASTM B 117
ASTM B 368
ASTM D 1735
ASTM G 85 A1/A2/A3