weice salt spray chambers
weice salt spray chambers
weice salt spray chambers
Also known as Salt Fog Chambers, Salt Spray Cabinets, Salt Mist Chambers, Salt Spray Testers, these chambers perform conventional salt spray tests like NSS, CASS, ASS. They meet the requirements of ASTM B 117 and similar international standards.

They have been thought as the most cost-effective corrosion test solution in the market which makes your in-house tests affordable.

Five testing volumes are available which are also customizable.

  • 108Ltr (3.8cu ft)
  • 270Ltr (9.5cu ft)
  • 576Ltr (20cu ft)
  • 960Ltr (33.7cu ft)
  • 1440Ltr (50.8cu ft)

Product Information

* Top brand components
Key components are supplied by Omron, SMC, SNS, AWIMACH and more. Excellent components extend 5+ years more life span. Click to download Componests List

* Simple and easy to use/maintain
Operating by buttons, you can learn how to use within minutes. Independent components make maintenance&repair extreme convenient.

* Inexpensive maintenance

Controlled by buttons, non-integrated assembly, don’t need to replace the whole thing in case of broken.

* Non water jacket heating
Immersed bottom heaters raise temperature rapidly.

* 3rd party calibration certificate available
Upon request before ordering.

* Transparent cover or window
Easy to view during testing.

* Free startup consumables kit
1000g sodium chloride.

* Various accessories for choice

* Purge
Defog after testing.

* Built-in solution reservoir

Save space.

* Auto & Manual refilling system

Two refilling modes for your choice.

* Patent plastic spray nozzle

Integrated filter, 4200 hours continuously work without crystallization.

* Combined compressed air inlet

Combines oil & water extractor, air pressure adjustable.

* High accuracy temperature sensors

PT100 titanium alloy, accuracy 0.10C.

* Various sample supports

V-shaped standard PVC sample supports as standard accessories, reinforced sample support for option.

* Double Protection

Lack water cut-off protection and over temperature protection as standard.

* All plastic body

* Air cylinder lifter

Large chamber equips air cylinder lifter.

* Wet & dry bulb thermometers.

Testing Volume108 L - 1440 L
Solution Reservoir Volume15 L - 40 L
Unattended Operating Days3 - 7 days
Atomizing Nozzle Quantity1 - 2 pcs
Cover LifterAvailable
Bubble Tower Volume4 L
Body MaterialPP or PVC
Testing Chamber TempUp to 60 C
Bubble Tower TempUp to 70 C
Salt Fog Collection Rate0.5 - 3 ml/80 cm2/H
Spray Pressure0.8 - 2 kgf/cm2
Power SourceDependent on countries
Water RefillingManual and Automatic
ProtectionDouble over-heated protection
ISO 9227

JIS Z 2371

DIN 50021

ASTM B 117

ASTM B 368

ASTM D 1735

STM G 85 A1

DEF STAN 00-35

EN 1670

GMW 3286

From initial enquiry, through to the final order, Weice Testing have excelled themselves with their level of customer service. Their delivered product represented excellent workmanship at a remarkably low cost. Highly recommend these guys!!!!
weice customer testimolio
Fritz Fischer – Plating Manager
HMGHardchrome - Australia
We have recently had the pleasure in dealing with Weice Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. when we  bought Salt Spray Chambers of them. We have been impressed with the quality, commitment and customer focus of Weice Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.
weice customer testimolio
Irwansyah – Manager
Spektra Surya - Indonesia


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