weice temperature and humidity chambers
weice temperature and humidity chambers
weice temperature and humidity chambers

These chambers are manufactured and designed to meet the high quality requirements and standards, such as UL1581 and IEC60598. They are able to perform under extreme conditions, variable temperature and humid environmentals ensuring high performance testing and superior quality of products.


Product Information

Touch screen controller

A large TEMI super induction LCD touch screen helps to perform operations more conveniently.

Excellent Refrigeration System

The refrigeration units are supplied by Tecumseh(France).

Programmable testing

Programmable setup is available, max 120 sets, 1200 segments and 999 cycles.

Testing Volume150L - 800L
Temperature Range-60 C to +150 C
Humidity Range20% - 98%RH
Temperature Uniformity< 1.5 C
Humidity Uniformity<3%RH
Temperature Stability<0.3 C
Humidity Stability<2.5%RH
Temperature Resolution0.01C
Humidity Resolution0.1%RH
Interior MaterialSUS304 Stainless Steel
ControllerTEMI from Korea
Cooling SystemAir cooling hermetic/semi-hermetic compressor
Heating SystemBalance temp P.I.D + P.W.M +S.S.R
Humidification SystemBalance temp P.I.D + P.W.M +S.S.R
Water SupplyAutomatic
Power SourceDependent on countries
Sample Support2 Stainless Steel Supports
Water TankStainless Steel Tank(15L)
ProtectionCompressor Over-load Protection
Coolant Hypo Protection
Over-heating&humidity Protection
Low Water Level Protection
OptionRS232 Interface(PC Connection)