one uv accelerated weathering testers1
weice uv accelerated weathering testers
weice uv accelerated weathering testers
UV accelerated weathering testers utilize fluorescent lamp to simulate the UV spectrum of sun shine, combined with temperature control, water spray, humidity system.

Three models are available for choice:

  • WTUV/A: UV Exposure + Condensation
  • WTUV/B: UV Exposure + Condensation + Irradiance Control
  • WTUV/C: UV Exposure + Condensation + Irradiance Control + Water Spray

Product Information

* All Stainless Steel Body

Reinforced ability of resistance to corrosion.

* Save Space Design

Reversed V shape, test sample on both sides, save more space.

* Easy To Install Specimen

Thickness adjustable specimen support.

* Long Life Span Heater

Heater is assembled under chamber, non-immersion into water.

* Easy To Monitor Water Level

Water level control is outside of chamber.

* Easy To Move

Castors are standard option.

UV ExposureYesYesYes
Irradiance ControlYesYes
Water SprayYes
Temperature When Light50C - 75C
Temperature When Condensation40C - 60C
Sample Capacity48pcs(75*150*1.5mm)
Water Consumption8L/day
Lamp Quantity8pcs
LampsUVA340, UVB313(Optional Chinese lamps and Q-LAB lamps)
Power SourceDependent on countries
Rated PowerMax 3500W
Test Area Size1140*400*400mm
External Size1400*600*1500mm
Usage Temperature18 - 27C
ASTM G 151
ASTM G 154
ASTM D 4587
ISO 4892-3
ISO 11507
SAE J 2020